David Fontos

Romsey, Egyesült Királyság

Good day everyone! First of all I am a wanderer, I love adventures, I am someone who can easily make new connections. Currently I do work in the United Kingdom, but in November I will quit and follow my dreams. I have a booked and planned trip to South-East Asia with six of my friends, what will end on 25th November, and then I will do backpacking on my own. My plan is that to join your program in January. I have been in 48 countries on 4 continents so far. I do believe that I could provide a lot extra to the team. I have a real positive attitude, what is the most important if we need to work as a team. My physical condition is perfect, I do work out literally every day. I do hiking, running, I used to play football in a semi-pro level, I love water-related sports and I work out in the gym every second day as well. If You need my energy and attitude in your team, please let me know and I will be more than happy to join your amazing project in January. I wish You all the best. Have a great day. Yours sincerely, David Fontos


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